We have successfully used Eagle H beam rods for the factory cranks and stroker applications for many years now. There are many cheap brands out there, but none are the quality of Eagle. This is from personal experience. Many of the cheaper brands are out of round on the big end, have bushings in the small end that are defective and so. The old saying you get what you pay for holds true.

Part #CRF1 6.800 Eagle H beam - FULL FLOAT .990 pin 2.200 journal.  $399.00


Part #CRF1B 6.700 Eagle H beam - FULL FLOAT .990 pin 2.200 journal. $429.00


Part #CRF1C 6.635 Eagle H beam - FULL FLOAT .990 pin 2.200 journal.  $429.00

Popular choice for stroker cranks and rotating assemblies with BIG BLOCK CHEVY journals (2.200) - usually requires small end honed for additional pin clearances. These are big block chevy rods.

Part #CRF2 6.625 Eagle H beam - FULL FLOAT .980 pin 2.250 journal.  $479.00

CRF2 is a popular choice with SRP or Ross full float pistons. Stock length and journal, but full float.

Part #CRF2A
6.625 Eagle H beam - PRESS FIT .980 pin 2.250 journal. $479.00

Popular choice with Sealed Power, press fit pistons. These are factory replacement forged rods.


New Crower Sportsman rods

Pontiac forged I beam rods

Part #CRF3 Press fit - std length 6.625 .980/2.250 $759.00

Part #CRF4 Full float - std length 6.625 .980/2.250 journal $759.00

Part #CRF4A Full float - std length 6.625 .990/2.250 journal $759.00

Part #CRF5 Full float - 6.800" .990/2.200 journal 860 gr (popular stroker cranks) $759.00

Other sizes available. Also available are Crower Steel Billets, Titanium, bolt upgrades etc. Call or email for other options. Spotts Performance is a full line Crower distributor.




These rods are used in the Spotts Performance dragster any many other race applications built by Spotts Performance - We feel they are the best!

Any length or size............... $1125.00



USED................. $50.00 SET

RECONDITIONED W/ARP BOLTS..............$200.00 SET




Part #RB1  3/8" ARP High Performance Connecting Rod Bolt Kits - 326/ 389/ 400/ 455 (Set of 16)  $69.00