The following services are available at Spotts Performance. If you are into racing, restoration, or just a daily driver, we can help! My experience performing these services is over 30 years. Knowledgeable Pontiac experience makes the difference – its why I’m always busy.

Spotts Performance Engine Service.


New parts included: New Forged Pistons -- Moly Rings -- Rod, main and cam bearings -- Freeze plugs and galley plugs -- New Timing Chain and gears -- New Felpro Gaskets -- New performance Oil Pump and Pick-Up -- New pvc and grommet -- New thermostat -- New oil and filter


Additional Charges: Engine accessories brackets and other detail items. Replacement Valves - Valve Guides - Cylinder Sleeves- connecting rods race pistons and rings- Performance cam and related hardware - Rocker Arms double roller chain - Rocker Arm Studs valve springs - Rebuild Carburetor - Rebuild Distributor - - Water Pump divider or sleeves-- Fuel Pump or lines balancer - starter - port work resurface flywheel rubber rear main seal.



Spotts Performance balances and blueprints all engine rebuilds. We test and run all engines. Our stock Specialty is Ram Air and tripower applications. Our race engines are proven winners.


Disassemble Engine

Clean Block and cylinder heads, Degrease and shot blast, Check for cracks

Clean, Inspect, Cut and Polish Crankshaft, Chamfer oil holes, Balance crankshaft

Bore and Hone Cylinder Block with torque plate

Inspect and resize connecting rods

Remove and Install New Pistons

Install and Fit New Cam Bearings

Install New Freeze Plugs and galley plugs, Front plugs tapped

Resurface Cylinder Heads (If Necessary)

Valve Job, Check spring pressure and height

Install New Cam and Lifters

Assemble and blueprint engine

Glass bead timing cover

Clean all hardware

Tap or repair all threads

Paint and detail engine

Start Engine

Set Dwell (points distributor) and timing

Check vacuum

Break in cam

Check for and Repair any Leaks

Above engine service starts at $5700.00

Quadrajet rebuild service

Our carbs have a fresh rebuild and features chemically re-dyed castings, refinished aluminum base, bronze bushings in throttle shaft, (unless shaft bores are perfect), resurfaced mounting gasket area, new parts include primary throttle plates, Delco needle and seat, float, secondary metering rod cam, choke pulloff and fuel resistant accelerator pump. Fuel plugs are MT13 epoxy coated. A nice carb with plated parts. Comes with mounting gasket and air cleaner gasket.


Click here for and replacement parts


Head Porting Service

Spotts Performance has successfully ported iron heads and aluminum heads of all types for many years now. We also offer CNC porting and CNC ported Eheads, KRE heads – we can upgrade stock aluminum heads to many levels.

Iron D-port – round port (customer supplied head)

STAGE ONE - Disassemble, bake, shot peen, check for cracks,special bowl cut, install new bronze guides, resurface, competition valve job, set spring heights. New parts include freeze plugs, spring shims, bronze valve guides and Teflon seals...........$650.00

STAGE TWO (PORTING) - Disassemble, bake, shot peen, check for cracks,special bowl cut, port intake to 240 cfm (major short turn, bowl work)- exhaust to 200, install new bronze guides and machine for Teflon seals, elongate pushrod holes, unshroud valves, de-flash, raise roof to RAIV port size, match exhaust port to header gasket, remove port "bumps" resurface, competition valve job, set spring heights. New parts include freeze plugs, spring shims, bronze valve guides and Teflon seals..........$1100.00


Port for 260 cfm (solid roller) Add $300.00

Fill exhaust crossover w/ aluminum $75.00

Tap and heli-coil for screw in studs $130.00

Converting to large valve (port work, lo-pro heads) Add $100.00

Repairing threaded holes $10.00 ea

See parts listing for valves, springs etc.