Manufactured by Canton for Spotts Performance using their own dyes. U.S. made quality with superior leak proof sealing. Pans have 3 hole provision for rubber rear seal - but we recommend using the early cork seal (59-71) style. All pans are gold irridate plated except for the OP389.

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Part # OP400

Economy drag oil pan. Low profile design with kick out. Pan has baffle, magnetic drain plug. Gold irridated plating. Shallow pan is 8 inches deep and requires special pick up. Capacity is 6 1/2 qt. without filter. Fits most body styles. Kick out does not allow starters to be mounted with out removal of headers.




Part # OP450


Deluxe drag/road race pan. Excellent oil control for both drag race and road race. Triple trap door to keep oil at the sump for braking and cornering. Shallow pan is fully baffled with two runners and is removable. pan is gold irridated and has magnetic drain plug and provision for oil temp sender. Oil capacity is 6 qt. and pan is 7" deep and 10 1/2" long. WILL NOT FIT GTO frame or 67-9 Firebird. Works on 70-81 TA/Firebird and tube chassis or modified frame cars. Requires special oil pump pick up.






Part # OP451


Deluxe drag/road race pan. Similar to OP450 - but shorter and deeper to fit 67-9 Firebird and 64-72 GTO and similar "A" bodies. Triple trap door. 6 1/2 qt oil capacity. Requires OPP400 pick up.




 Part # OP389

Stock replacement oil pan fits most V-8s - pan is baffled and includes magnetic drain plug.


The difference between this pan and other cheaper models is the drain plug and baffle. The Canton pan has a drain plug bung that is tig welded with copper washer and magnetic drain plug. The reason for this is to drain ALL the oil from the oil pan. The cheaper pans do not let approximately 1/2" of oil on the bottom to drain out because the drain plug nut is above the bottom of the pan. Factory pans were stamped with the drain area at the lowest point. The Canton pan allows all the oil to drain. The baffle on the cheaper pans is smaller and is spot welded to pan. I have had these spot welds crack and had oil leak from a new pan! Canton tig welds a larger baffle in place that controls oil better and no spot welds to crack.

These pans are approx 1" deeper in the front and early Pontiacs can have clearance issues with steering linkage and frames. These Pontiacs would include the 68 and earlier Full size cars and the 64-65 A body GTO and LeMans - yet will work with models. They fit in all the Firebirds and TA's and the 66 and newer GTO and Lemans' The pan can be dimpled in the front to clear obstructions.

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Part # OPP400 Pick up for OP400 and OP451 oil pans. no welding necessary - bolts to lower plate of oil pump. has 3/4" pipe - for use with all modern 60 and 80 lb. pumps. $37.00

Part # OPP450 Pick up for OP450 oil pan. No welding necessary - bolts to lower plate of pump. Has 3/4" pipe - for use with all modern 60 and 80lb pumps. $37.00

Part# DSK01 Universal dip stick tube kit for Canton pans with 1/4 NPT provision. $22.00

Part# OPD01 Oil pan drain plug - magnetic with copper washer.  $4.00

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