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Pontiac Windage Tray
**New Design**

Windage tray is designed for the IA2 block but works on all Pontiac V-8's with splayed or regular main caps - both 2 bolt and 4 bolt. Tray allows for better oil control and entry back to the oil pan then glue on trays. Will not crack or break like factory style trays with redirect curve. Tray is designed as a quick install/removal for engine builders and checking bearings where time is an important factor. A crank scraper is recommended with this tray. Dip stick tube (if used) must be welded or staked to external tube - or a bracket must be welded and bolted to tray.

Windage tray may need to be shimmed to clear certain stroke/rod combinations. Shims should be made from rectangular stock - washers not recommended. Shimming more then 1/4" may not allow the oil pan to fit. Rotate crankshaft several times and check for clearance. It may be necessary to straighten lovers to clear connecting rods. tray may need to clearanced by bending for certain oil pumps. It is best to fit all components. Tray may be mounted with allen socket bolts, or pan head bolts. Regular 5/16 bolts with 1/2 hex head will not allow socket to fit. Chrysler header bolts with a 7/16 bolt head will work. You may also use 5/16 carb studs and 12 point nuts from ARP. Grade 8 lock washers are also recommended. Hardware and shims are available at Spotts Performance. All materials,components and labor proudly made in the US!

Part #WT4 ...... $145.00

*SPECIAL* Windage Tray and Standard Crank Scraper for $165.00!!
*SPECIAL* Windage Tray and Race Crank Scraper (without dipstick tube hole) for $170.00!!

Pictured left is tray with recommended race style scraper. Photo of 455 block with splayed main caps. Slight bending may be required to allow certain oil pumps to clear tray as pictured right.
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Pictured left is 428 block with factory 4 bolt main caps. Note only 2 mounting stands are used like factory windage trays.
Also pictured is standard crank scraper.
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