Spotts Performance - New products

Air Cleaners

Moon Air Cleaners, bases, filters, sets


Harmonic balancers, bolts, washers


New Indian Adventures "Chief Many Horses"

---- IA2 Engine Block

Introducing the IA2 Engine Block, hardware kit

Body Fastener Kits

Stainless Steel

Body Parts

New Firebird "SUPER 400" hood


"How to build max performance pontiac V-8s”

Cam Bearings

Durabond camshaft bearings

Cam Spacer Washer

Cam spacer washer and cam washer


Camshafts and related, cam keys

Cam thrust plate

Hardened Cam thrust plate

Chemical related

Right stuff, copper spray adhesive

Clutch Fan

HD Thermostatic

Clutch Kits

Complete clutch kits, pilot bearing

Cometic head gaskets

Multi layer steel

Connecting Rods

Crower, Stock Used & Reconditioned, Aluminum, & MGP rods

Cooling System

Thermostats, water pumps, divider plates, heater hose nipple, etc.

Crank Scraper

V-8 Crank scraper, IA2 Race crank scraper


NEW crankshafts and Magnafluxed used cranks

Dipsticks & Tubes

Dipsticks, Tubes, & Kits

Distributor related

Billet Distributor Clamps (Aluminum), rebuilt distributors, ignition wire sets, bronze distributor gear

Electrical related

Electronic ignition conversion

Engine adapter brackets

Allows older or newer engines to be installed in vehicles of different mounting situations.

Engine bearings

Main bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings (regular & race)

Engine building tips

*Coming soon

Engine Fasteners

Stainless Steel

Engine Identification

Engine ID and firing order

Engine Paint

Miscellaneous Paints

Engine Plate

Pontiac front engine plate

Engine Stand

Pontiac engine stand, bolts, and wheels

Freeze plug kits

Block freeze plug kits

Fuel Related

Accelerator cables, brackets, fuel lines, fuel pumps, fuel pump eccentric, throttle cables


All Gaskets


IA2 hardware kit, Transmission dowl pins

Harmonic Balancer

Dampers, OEM and ARP bolt and washers

Head ID Chart

Head ID chart and information

Head Kits

6XCkit, 670kit, 6Xkit, 6XKitHF, 722kit, 614kitR, 614kitRA

Head L Bracket

Head L bracket regular and race

Head Tool

Pushrod elongation head tool


GTO headers......

Heads and related

Heads and parts, kits, porting, alignment pins, freeze plug kits, guide plates

Heater Delete Plates

Stainless Steel

Intake manifolds

Tomahawk intake manifolds, bolts

Lifter bore brace

Lifter bore brace


Lifters & Related

Main Caps

Billet 4 bolt main caps, front caps, rear caps. Used 2 bolt main caps.


Engine Stands, Brackets, Alternator mounting kit, front engine plate, heater delete plate, transmission and motor mounts


Valvoline and Brad Penn engine oil and racing oil

Oil flow and related

Oil Filter Adapter, Oil restrictors

Oil Pans

Oil Pans and related

Oil Pan Reinforcement Plates

Not sold in stores

Oil Pumps

Oil Pumps, Priming rod, and related


Stock, SRP, Ross, Piston Pins

Poly locks

Poly locks


Performance pulleys and brackets

Push rods

Comp Cams push rods


Quadrajet rebuild and replacement parts, 4 barrell replacement parts

Rear Main Seals

Viton Rubber


Comp Cams Valve Spring Retainers


Hastings Regular and Race

Rocker arms

Comp cams & Scorpion

Rocker arm studs

Rocker arm studs

Rotating Assemblies

New 505 Rotating assemblies

Services and Labor

Engine Service, Tri-Power Service, Quadrajet Rebuild Service, Pricing, Transmissions

Shift knobs

Shift knobs


Hi-torque Starter

Stud Girdles

Jomar - D-port, Round port, Edelbrock

Timing Covers

Timing Covers, Midplates, Timing Cover bolt and washer, Timing cover sleeve


TH400, Powerglide, Cores, Flexplates


Parts, rebuilding service

Valley Pan

Aluminum valley pan


Valves and related

Valve Covers

Valve Covers and related

Valve Locks

Valve Locks

Valve Seals

Viton Valve Seals, Comp Cams Teflon Valve Seals

Valve Springs

Comp cams valve springs, Crower valve springs, +

Windage Tray & Scraper

Canton windage tray, Crank Scraper and related

SPOTTS PERFORMANCE is a manufacturer of Pontiac parts and a distributor of these manufacturers and many more:

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