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Redesigned for more adjustment - and lower priced!!
Spotts Performance has sold and used over 600 crank scrapers since 2001. Over the years Spotts has made adjustments for a better fit and function. Spotts was the first to make a crank scraper for the new IAII and MR1 blocks - or blocks with splayed caps. Our crank scrapers allow an .020 clearance (closest recommended spacing) without any modification. The CS01IA has a wider spacing for the larger splayed main caps and both scrapers can be used on all of the stroker cranks available. Our WT4 and crankscraper will make 15-20 horsepower more and will insure oil is in the oil pan.

Crank scraper

Made from 18 gauge steel - this scraper keeps the oil down in the pan and increases power. Works on all V8's.

Part #CS01..... $24.00

Race Crank Scraper
IA2 block or for race applications with 4 bolt or splayed caps.

This new scraper is similar to our CS01 Crank scraper. It is also laser cut from NON BENDABLE 18 gauge steel and will keep the oil down in the pan and increase power on all V8's. The new scraper will clear the large IA II splayed caps or regular blocks using aftermarket main caps WITHOUT MODIFICATIONS. MAJOR time save. The new scraper has elongated holes to adjust distance from scraper to crank, has more metal for better sealing, and is made without the hole for the dip stick tube. For those that want the dip stick, simply drill a provision in the scraper.

#CS01IA..... $24.00

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Universal dip stick tube kit - For Canton pans with 1/4 NPT provision. - Part # DSK01....... $22.00

Q - Do you offer an oil scraper designed for the eagle stroker kits? If not, can your CS01- scraper be easily trimmed to fit?
A - Both scrapers I offer will work with the stroker kits. The CS01 will work as is, or slight elongation of the mounting holes and trimming around the oil pump - the CS01IA is for 4 bolt main caps or IA blocks and has more material to "custom fit".