Part #T160

160 degree thermostat


Part #T180

180 degree thermostat


Water outlet

Part #08-263

Billet Pontiac 360 degree swivel water outlet - includes bolts


Part #WO61

1961-63 Water neck for tripower intake - cast iron neck


Part #WO64

Water outlet (1964 - tilts to pass side)


Part #WO65

Water outlet (1965 - straight up)


Part #WO66

Water outlet (1966 - tilts to drivers side)


Part #WO68

1967-70 style billet style water outlet kit - this modified Chevy (to fit Pontiac) polished aluminum water outlet includes stainless bolts, washers and metal shimmed thermostat gasket(o-ring eliminated). Extra gaskets available for $3 ea - part number WOG01


Part #WO69

Billet water outlet straight up 1.5" hose - Correct for Pontiac


Water pumps - cast iron

Part #WP01

Water pump(63-68) Stock - 8 bolt rebuilt


Part #WP02

Water pump(69-79)- 11 bolt long style rebuilt


Part #WP03

Water pump(69-79) long style - *NEW*

Click image for larger view


Part #WP02S

69 Water pump short style- 11 bolt


All pumps are sold outright - no core returns required

Water pump bolts

Part #WPB01

63-8 Water pump bolts - Grade 8 - Correct style

$3.00 each

Part #WPB02

69 and newer Water pump bolts - Correct style

Click image for larger view

$3.00 each

Water pump stud kit

Part #WPSK1

63-68 Water pump stud kit nut w/special nuts (set of 3)

Click image for larger view

$18.00 each

Water pump dividers

Part #WDP1

63-68 Water pump divider plate (Stainless steel 2 piece)


Part #WDP2

69-79 Water pump divider plate


Heater hose nipple

Part #HHN01

New excellent reproduction
Mounts in passenger side head
Click image for larger view


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