Rebuild and replacement parts for Quadrajet and 4 barrell

Quadrajet rebuild service

Our carbs have a fresh rebuild and features chemically re-dyed castings, refinished aluminum base, bronze bushings in throttle shaft, (unless shaft bores are perfect), resurfaced mounting gasket area, new parts include primary throttle plates, Delco needle and seat, float, secondary metering rod cam, choke pulloff and fuel resistant accelerator pump. Fuel plugs are MT13 epoxy coated. A nice carb with plated parts. Comes with mounting gasket and air cleaner gasket..


4 BBL replacement parts - AFB AND Q JET


65-66 GTO 4 BBL accelerator cable bracket - mounts to intake



67-70 GTO/GP 4 BBL accelerator cable bracket - mounts to intake



1967 GTO choke stat coil - 4 BBL arm and clip



1968-70 GTO choke stat coil - 4 BBL



1968-70 4 BBL choke coil rod - between carb and choke stove



1965,66,67 tri-power 2 & 4 BBL choke tube (repair tube)



1964 choke tubes set for GTO and big car - 4 BBL carb



1965-66 choke tubes set - big car & GTO - 4 BBL carb



1964-65 Power brake tube - goes from carb to bracket - 4 BBL



1964-66 Tri-power 4 BBL bracket to hold power brake tube



1967 4 BBL bracket to hold power brake tube



1967 GTO vent tube for 4BBL std trans.


1967 GTO 4BBL fitting, Q jet, power brake line adapter (rear carb)


Universal power brake fitting 1/8 NPT to 3/8 hose nipple



67-72 throttle cable bracket (no tab) USUALLY MANUAL TRANS



67-72 throttle cable bracket with tab (for auto or AC- tab for solenoid)




Part #QJ67

67-70 Pontiac quadrajet cover - plated



67-70 Pontiac Quadrajet Shaft & Bracket

Converts Olds, Buick, Caddy, etc. Q-jets to Pontiac bolt on throttle brackets. Also replaces incorrect or defective Pontiac shafts. Kit includes new shaft w/screws and bracket assembly. With Pontiac cores disappearing, this kit allows other makes to be converted to allow proper throttle linkage operation.

Part #QJS01 .... $59.00



1969 Vacuum advance line - steel w/clip



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