Stock Replacement Valves
V389e1.64 exhaust valve 389/421 64-66 $13.00 each
V389i 1.92 intake valve 389/421 64-66 $9.00 each


HD Street / Strip

Severe duty race

F5045 FO 1.71-5.060  $12.00

F6174 INT 2.11-5.095 45 DEG SEAT   $19.00

F5062 EXH 1.77-4.980  $12.00

F6175 INT 2.11-5.213 RAIV 45 DEG   $19.00

F5063 EXH 1.77-5.230 RAIV  $12.00

F6176 EXH 1.77-5.110     $19.00

F5065 INT 2.11-4.980 45 DEG SEAT  $12.00

F6177 EXH 1.66-5.230     $19.00

F5066 INT 2.11-5.213 RAIV 30 DEG SEAT  $12.00

F6178 1.77-5.230 RAIV    $19.00

F5143 INT 2.11-5.095 67-70 30 DEG  $12.00

F6129 INT 2.25-5.271                  $22.00

F5144 EXH 1.77-5.110 67-70 DPORT  $12.00

F6139 INT E-HEAD 2.19-5.275  $22.00


F5074 INT 2.11 X 5.213 W/ 45 degree seat $12.00


Valve information:

The HD (F5000 numbers) are stainless steel one piece forged valves - they exceed factory specs. They are 11/32 diameter and have a tip length of .250

The race valves (F6000 numbers) are similar to the HD valves but offer higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength then any other race valve we've seen. The race valves also have a neck down stem at the head to increase flow. We run the race valves in roller applications with over .600 lift.

Most 67 to 70 heads use a length of 5.095/5.110 This is most D-port heads - there are exceptions. The above sizes are for the 670,16,48,62,13,12,64 heads and many others.

71-79 heads use shorter valves (because of the larger combustion chamber) 4.980 is the size. I usually put the early valves in those heads with the 995-16 Comp Cam springs and matching retainer/locks. Installed height is around 1.7 (around 110 lbs closed pressure) for up to .600 plus lift for solid and hyd cams and hyd roller cam applications.

Ram Air IV valves are 5.230/5.213 and can be used in The Edelbrock heads and almost any other head to achieve desired spring heights.

For you guys doing your own heads - its usually best to run longer valves and leave room for additional cam lift (like a rocker arm change) but all factors (spring height/pressure - valve sizes, seal clearance etc) must be considered. Push rod length is usually increased as well. Feel free to email or call us for matching components.