Gary Parncutt is the proud owner of a
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This is Gary Parncutts 455 Pontiac. Gary is the proud owner of a 67 Lemans convertible and has owned the car for a very long time. In fact, I sold parts to the car when I was at Performance Years in the early 90s! Gary also has a 69 Firebird and back in the 90s he purchased the steel front end of my old 69 Firebird when I went to a fiberglass front end.

Garys 455 is a stock N crank with forged SRP pistons now displaying 463 CID. The pump gas friendly engine features ported 6X heads and a hydraulic roller cam. All work, of course, performed by Spotts Performance. Gary is installing a Tremac 5 speed so he will be smiling quite often when his ride is completed!