Brian Diffenbaugh is the proud owner of a 1959 stroked 389 4 bolt-1957 2 door wagon

"Just wanted to let you know that I have almost 2000 miles on the '57 wagonand it's running great. I drove it to the POCI convention in WV and got 16 mpg on the trip."

Brian Diffenbaugh's 1957 Pontiac 2 door wagon was featured in High Performance Pontiac magazine. The car is simply amazing and is powered by a Spotts built 1959 389 Police interceptor engine with factory 4 bolt main caps and has a forged 4" stroke crank, forged rods and custom forged dished pistons. The stroked 389 has the original 59 389 heads (ported by Spotts)with custom stainless steel valves and are activated by a hydraulic roller cam. A rare factory super duty tripower intake tops off the very unique and very stout Pontiac engine.