Spotts Performance has had great luck with BWD clutch kits. These kits fit without crazy modifications and work very well in street performance applications (less then 580 hp). Most factory Pontiacs came with 10.4" clutches. With the availability of the new steel Hays flywheel (recommended) an 11" upgrade can be utilized and is highly recommended especially on larger cubic inch engines. You must determine your spline on your transmission. Most Muncie's(except the rock crusher) are 10 spline and most Borg Warners are 26 spline. But don't assume! We carry the 3 most popular kits but can get others. Kits include NEW pressure plate (diaphragm type), new disc and matching throw out bearing. Kits also include an alignment tool. DO NOT use the supplied pilot bushing - we carry the correct pilot bearing Always check your clutch linkage - worn or egg shaped holes will shorten a clutch life. In other words - no slop!!

90100 Clutch kit 11" w/ 10 spline $150.00
90104 Clutch kit 10.4" w/ 10 spline $150.00
90144 Clutch kit 11" w/ 26 spline $159.00
7109 Pilot bearing $27.00

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